Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toilet Tissue Holder

I saw a Tissue holder which is fancy one like this...

I attempted to make a tissue holder (not a fancy one)... Keep it simple like this....

The supplies :
                       Matching thread
                       sewing machine
                       Ribbon or bow or buttonor beads what ever you like to decorate

Cut Two 36" X 6.5" rectancle pieces for main
Cut One 4.5" X 2.5" rectancle for tie

Shape Top corner as shows..

Make Tie Fold half 4.5 X 2.6 picec in lengthwise. open, fold the corners into the center & fold  again .Sew tie.
Its time to place your decorations on top.I used  readymade bow&flower.

Now Pin the tie to top corner (shaped top)and place right side togher sew all around ,leave open at the bottom.

Use the Tie to pull right side out.Press .

 Fold inside the bottom side 1/4" & iron.
Top stitch all around.I top stitched halfway (the half in front)with crescent stitch.

The last part is fold the organizer and sew in place as shows below
(stitch at top side and half of the folded size).

This is how i made this tissue holder. You can add handle instead of tie.Always there is a better way to improve the method of making one.

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