Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recycling Calendar Magnets - Tutorial

Its already January 2012 ... What to do with an old calendar ? I ended up with this Idea !

I made fridge magnets out of an old calendar. It is very Simple & Easy to make.
I traced over number on the calendar & cut it out.

Then I painted with acrylic paint(some with glitters). Once it dried your fridge magnet is ready to use !

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Half&Half Pillowcase

You can sew 2 pillowcases out of 1 yard 60" wide fabric.I did it a couple of months back.When I was looking for fabric to sew a pillow case ...I like this fabric(turquoise) color & texture at first look.But its 42" wide only.So What can I Do ? ..Got an idea.. I bought contrast color fabric to go well with my fabric. Here is how I Made it...

This is the gap need to be filled with an another fabric.I cut 13 " X 18" rectangle in Brown fabric(includes seam allowances).
With right side together I joined the brown fabric to the pillowcase which is turquoise fabric.

Then finished both edges of the pillow case
First with right side together fold it to the desired height.. leave an extra fabric at the top...
fold this over the case like this

Sew the sides.Turn inside out.The turned top at one side would lock the pillow inside the case.

A simple method without raw edges..

Bead necklace

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simple Bookmark

I saw an advertisement in a Success magazine which contains a motivational sayings.I made a bookmark out of that in Card stock.Its a 2" X 8" card stock.I glued a scrapbook embellishment paper (1" X 8") to the center of the card stock then the cuttings from the magazine. Your bookmark with a boost up wordings !

Girly Green Tote Bag

This is an upholstery fabric which I picked from reminds section of Fabricwarhouse store. It was being sitting on my self for a long time... waiting for me to make something like this...A tote bag !

It is a very simple tote bag .You can find tons of tutorial to make a tote bag through Internet.
I used upholstery fabric for Main(exterior)&Quilting fabric (Keepsake calico print from Joann store) for lining.My bag size measures approx. 14" W X 16" H.

How I made this :
I cut two rectangles from both Main & lining fabric.(approx. 17" X 36").
I was thinking of making a pocket that's look a skirt .First step is to make that pocket.
Cut 10" X 8" rectangle from a lining fabric.Make a casing for elastic(mine is 1/4"wide).Insert a elastic through casing .secure the elastic at the beginning&end(leave a little space for seams).Fold&iron the seams of the pocket.Pin it to the center of the Main exterior fabric. Attach the pocket by edge stitch with a 1/8″ seam allowance around the 2 sides and bottom of the pocket, back stitching at beginning and end for a secure hold.
I hope the pocket looks like skirt(at least after I told that).

I added an another pocket to the lining too.

Fold in half with right side together sew sides with 1/4" seam allowance.Leave a small opening in the lining.

To shape flat bottom for bag, at one corner match bottom of the bag to side seam line.creating a flattened triangle measuring 2 inches from point of triangle,draw a 4" long line across triangle.


Sew on drawn line.Trim excess fabric.Repeat with remaining bottom corner of bag,and both corners of lining.

For the straps... again there is a lot of ways are there to make straps.
Here are some basic links:
Tutorial ~ Bag Straps from sew,mama sew
Tutorial ~ Bag Straps, A Variation from sew,mama sew

Strap Tutorial – One Piece of Fabric from sewing novice
Strap Tutorial – Two Pieces of Fabric from sewing novice

My method is something different because I was out of main fabric.Here is how I did my straps.
I had only 1 1/4" wide stripes from main fabric.so I cut 2 1/2" wide stripes from lining fabric.With wrong side together align the main fabric to the center of the lining stripes. 

Fold 1/4" at the edge of the lining fabric and fold again,pin it to the main fabric.Sew both edges.

Final step is to assemble the bag.With the right side of the Main fabric(exterior), pin straps to inside of exterior to the proper alignment. Make sure the straps are hanging inside the bag toward the bottom. Turn right side out & Baste the straps in place with a ¼” seam.

With the main fabric right side out, place it inside the lining so the right sides are now together.Match the side seams pin the edges together, making sure that the straps are hanging down in between the 2 layers.(sorry I missed the photo).
But it looks like this (I get this photo from pink October tote tutorial @mama's pocketbook)

Sew all around the top of the bag,back stitch at all straps .Turn lining to inside through the opening.Press top edge so that lining does not show on the outside.Edge stitch top edge of bag.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Red patch work Quilt

Finally I finished my quilt... I bought a pre quilted fabric for base.For the other side, I made some patch work.It came out as 62" X 46" size.

For the squares :
I cut 4 1/2" suare for center.Then lot of 2" stripes in all fabric to make big square.I used 3" stripes(polka dot fabric) to join all squares.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three parts Skirt

This dress which my daughter like it very much especially the Bag that came with the dress.The body is a peasant top and skirt part is a 3 part skirt with pocket in front and ruffle at the bottom.
I used this skirt pattern as a pattern for the skirt I made.
But I ignored the pocket section.
Here are the parts
One center front (cut on fold)
Two side fronts
Two back

I made this skirt with corduroy fabric.Join side fronts to center front.Join two back portions.Join the elastic band to the front & back.Now join fron&Back.Add ruffle section to all around skirt at the bottom.Sew a casing at the top for elastic&leaving a opening to insert a elastic.cut a piece of elastic to fit waist plus 1".Insert a elastic through casing.Stitchends of the elastic together securely.Stitch opening closed.