Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Half&Half Pillowcase

You can sew 2 pillowcases out of 1 yard 60" wide fabric.I did it a couple of months back.When I was looking for fabric to sew a pillow case ...I like this fabric(turquoise) color & texture at first look.But its 42" wide only.So What can I Do ? ..Got an idea.. I bought contrast color fabric to go well with my fabric. Here is how I Made it...

This is the gap need to be filled with an another fabric.I cut 13 " X 18" rectangle in Brown fabric(includes seam allowances).
With right side together I joined the brown fabric to the pillowcase which is turquoise fabric.

Then finished both edges of the pillow case
First with right side together fold it to the desired height.. leave an extra fabric at the top...
fold this over the case like this

Sew the sides.Turn inside out.The turned top at one side would lock the pillow inside the case.

A simple method without raw edges..

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